Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that everyone can edit.
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Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that everyone can edit.

We are collecting the number of Wikipedia articles (namespace=0) in the 25 most popular wikipedias and Wikimedia Commons (namespace=6):

en nl de sv fr it ru es pl war ceb ja vi pt zh uk ca no fi fa id cs ko hu ar commons

We would for example use as HOST in the API URL below.

Because of the extensive load-balancing on Wikipedia's servers, pagination (for more than 50 results) is not reliable and we therefore don't collect links to individual Wikipedia pages. We are not counting the number of hits in the user or file namespaces.

ALM Name wikipedia
ALM Configuration job_batch_size: 100
ALM Core Attributes url
ALM Other Attributes language
Protocol REST
Format JSON
Rate-limiting unknown
Authentication no
Restriction by IP Address no
API URL http://HOST/w/api.php?action=query&list=search&format=json&srsearch=%22DOI%22&srnamespace=NAMESPACE&srwhat=text&srinfo=totalhits&srprop=timestamp&srlimit=1

Example Response

  "query-continue": {
    "search": {
      "sroffset": 1
  "query": {
    "searchinfo": {
      "totalhits": 685
    "search": [
        "ns": 0,
        "title": "Calliotropis tiara",
        "timestamp": "2013-04-14T14:52:39Z"

Source Code

The source code is available here.

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