Sources used by this application.

Group Source Status Description


Figshare inactive Figures, tables and supplementary files hosted by figshare


CiteULike waiting CiteULike is a free social bookmarking service for scholarly content.
Mendeley waiting Mendeley is a reference manager and social bookmarking tool.


Facebook disabled Facebook is the largest social network.
Reddit waiting User-generated news links.
Research Blogging inactive Research Blogging is a science blog aggregator.
ScienceSeeker waiting Research Blogging is a science blog aggregator.
Twitter (Search API) disabled Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service.
Wikipedia waiting Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that everyone can edit. waiting is one of the largest blog hosting platforms.


CrossRef waiting CrossRef is a non-profit organization that enables cross-publisher citation linking.
PubMed Central waiting PubMed Central is a free full-text archive of biomedical literature at the National Library of Medicine.
Scopus waiting Scopus is an abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.

Total number of articles with at least one event, linear scale.

Total number of events per source, logarithmic scale.

The ALM application provides a number of public sources. Most sources require a user account with the service (see table below).






PLOS-specific Sources

Retired Sources

Please use the Issue Tracker for questions or feedback regarding sources.

Name Authentication IP Restriction Format Protocol Rate-limiting
CiteULike no no XML REST 2,000/hour
CrossRef username
no XML REST unknown
DataCite no no JSON or XML REST unknown
Facebook OAuth 2.0 no JSON REST varies
Mendeley OAuth 2.0 no JSON REST 150/hour
Nature Blogs no no JSON REST 2/sec
PubMed Central Citations no no XML REST unknown
PubMed Central Usage Stats yes no XML HTTP unknown
Reddit no no JSON REST 1,800/hr
Research Blogging username
no XML REST unknown
ScienceSeeker no no XML REST unknown
Scopus api_key
optional XML or JSON REST unknown
Wikipedia no no JSON REST unknown

Event Information

Most sources return information about each individual event (citation, bookmark, etc.), and this information is summarized below. The exception are sources that don't return information about individual events because of privacy (all usage data, Facebook, Mendeley readers) or for licensing reasons (Scopus, Web of Science, F1000).

Name ID URL Datetime Contributor Title Other
CiteULike   url post_time username   tag
CrossRef doi doi   contributor(s) title ISSN
journal title
journal abbreviation
first page
publication type
citation count
Mendeley Groups     date_added profile_id   group_id
Nature Blogs id url published_at   title blog title
blog url
PubMed Central Citations pmcid pmcid        
Research Blogging   post_URL published_date blogger_name post_title blog_name
ScienceSeeker id href updated author title summary
Twitter id url created_at username text user_profile_image
Wikipedia   url datetime   title language

Creating a new source

Basically, each of the APIs that the ALM application is calling will be defined as a source. The ALM application provides a number of services to each source to help it get what it needs. Note the samples provided at